Stumbling Toward Enlightenment: An Illustrated Crisis Companion

Stumbling Toward Enlightenment - front cover


“Advice can annoy when the recipient is depressed, but Stumbling Toward Enlightenment: An Illustrated Crisis Companion should nonetheless be toted by many into the depths of despair. Barbara Lewis-Marco’s ironic yet gentle one-panel comics blend lovely, archaic, Monty Python-esque graphics with clever one-liners that take the wind out of darker sails.”

Publishers Weekly

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“Clever and witty.
A nice gift for those in crisis situations”

—Bernie Siegel MD, Author of Love, Medicine and Miracles


Stumbling Toward Enlightenment - trying to trust in a divine plan

  Stumbling Toward Enlightenment - doubting there is one
Stumbling Toward Enlightenment - reflect when it's hardest  

.”Once in a while I get a book in the mail which stops me in my tracks, that’s what happened when I looked at Barbara Lewis-Marco’s Stumbling Toward Enlightenment. It is truly a profound and unique way of looking at the world with few words.”

—Carl Hammerschlag, MD, author of The Dancing Healers, The Theft of the Spirit, and Healing Ceremonies